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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

quick squishboom update and orklug!!!


got a clearer picture of what needs doing for squishboom.
revising pris (the post reinstallation script) into prip (the post reinstallation program), where config files will be stored online and added with a wget, as well as stripping it down to be cleaner, and also adding more elaborate and user friendly options learned from studying crunchbang's alternative installation method.

but all of that's been put on a short term temporary hold while i help with some initial adminnery for...


orklug being the shorthand of Orkney Linux User Group. much thnx to andrew who really took to the idea and has been the principle initiator in getting us going. i may have been the first to throw the idea out there, but it wouldnt have happened n gotten so far if it werent for aorkwa.
so anyways...

now we've got our wiki on the go:

our (low trafic) mailing list currently on:
~ though theres talk of soon moving to gnu's mailman.

a presence on facebook:

and on identica:

and we even have our very own irc chatroom now too on freenode, which can be accessed via a simple web interface here: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=orklug
or of course whatever your preference of irc application.
(i'm just being a sucker for convenience and using pidgin, since i already have a handful of other chat protocols i use on that)

so come say hi on freenode #orklug

our number are still small, but considering we've only really been properly at it for about a day now, i say we're going pretty strong, n off to a good start.

wont be long before the conversation turns to "lets organise a meet!"


happy days. :)