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Friday, 5 February 2010

Konqueror is Still the Best Browser & Best File Manager.


well... that mighta seemed uncharacteristic of me to say that, if you only know me as the guy who raves on about the likes of slitaz, crunchbang, inx, minuet, kolibri, icaros, arch, crux, motho ke botho (or whatever). but it's true, when i moved to open source; to gnu; to linux, it was to suse, and kde (though they [old novel] do tend to do equal justice to both the biggies, gnome and kde). besides me doing my bit about yast, it was konqueror, that most impressed me. when everyone else was either still stuck in the wintard bin using explorer, or a few raving about firefox, it was konqueror that i always lauded for it's greatness.

to this day there are things you can "just do" in konqueror, that take loadsa fumbling or addons with firefox, or cant even do at all as far as i can see. ok sure, the addons can extend firefox to be capable of some pretty neat tricks that rival konqueror's. but konqueror does it out of the box, wherever you go, there are a few coolnesses that konqueror has in spades beyond any other.

the view, to start somewhere relatively simple. can you split your window in your browser? or your file manager? konqueror is both, and does both effortlessly. did i mention you can have your terminal in there too? one can pretty much live in just konqueror, much like folks claim is so for emacs i've heard... i want to know where the konqueror fanboys hang out. idk if they are on the kde4 bandwaggon yet, but it's not for me, at least not yet, and i dont think ever.

konqueror as a web browser can even tell the websites that you are.. well, any identity config you like... a ppc mac using explorer? sure, tell the websites you visit thats what you are. :) its an amusing little feature for some, but to others, a comforting extra little trick to add to your security.

as a file manager, it's the best tool i've ever used for ftp.

and did i mention you can have a terminal in there too? :D

hey, if you're reading this, and love konqueror too, and wanna point out the other cool stuff it does, please pitch in... cos as much as i love the teenyness of the likes of pcmanfm, and midori (or even "links2 -g"), it's just not the same.


dont worry everyone, i'm not going to bloat up squishboom with konqueror. u wanna do that, u can do that, but it's not going in as default.

oh yeah, squishboom development has resumed, n i'm just gunning straight for putting something together that's releasable, then see what feedback it receives, see what i missed, what i broke, etc.


ps, big shout out n much love to tha other peeps with 'bang projects on the go. willxtreme, bluejeans, lovin yer archbang n squeezebang stuff... do remember to make it like the crunchbang, n not the personal cloggage, less is more is what i'm sayin. ;) lol. n i aint practicing what i preach, but then, i'm not trying to make another crunchbang-on-a-diferent-base (at least not with squishboom)... i'm creating a performance tweek and interface augment mainly. ;) different goals. i do like the going wild by stripping it back to cli apps only. especially after trying INX. anyone want to learn linux skills you can take anywhere, and see how welcoming the command line actually is once you get shown a couple things in a fun n friendly way? yeah, INX is for you! lol. naw, seriously, i have added INX tutorials to my list of things i think should be mandatory on the school curriculum... for a while the list consisted of:

Item 1 : Install Slackware.

but now it's also populated with, as i said, "Item 2 : Put an INX CD in yout computer and restart it, n follow the instructions and menus. :)"

and in case anyone is not getting it (which i'll be surprised if they're still reading..)

this is FREE software.