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Saturday, 15 October 2011


i just re-read http://digitslinuxblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/so-browsers-n-stuff.html and realised, when i mentioned i was on squeeze, that i hadnt told my blog what i did after that... i upped my crunchbang to debian sid. the bleedin edge debian. :)

it's actually rather nice. quite quite useable. ok, so i wouldnt recommend it to complete newbies, but it's totally useable, and not yet throwing any nasty bumps at me, so doesnt seem to warrant, at all, the scaremongering i've witnessed it receive in the 7 years i've been using linux. "oh no, dont use sid unless you really know what you're doing".... well i dont "really know what i'm doing", and i managed gentoo, slackware and arch ok, so i think sid shouldn't pose any problems i can't handle either. :P

also... it's not quite as bleeding edge as arch, or even gentoo for that matter. heck, by comparison it's downright ancient! from all the hype, i really expected more problems, and newer software. this feels barely a scratch above squeeze! (and remember, squeeze is now their stable branch, not their testing branch).

anyways, having said that, and being someone who's gotten spoiled with gentoo, arch and slackware, sid is definitely preferable to leaving my crunchbang lagging behind the times with a stable branch. ....'he says for now, before there's been any trouble'.

idk, maybe the hyped warning was more viable back in the day, and all the stuff synaptic seems to have been doing to protect me from installing broken packages, is a more recent addition. whether new or old, it's probably the biggest factor in making sure my sid box remains useable.

...anyways, that's enough waffling to my blog.... i got stuff to do. :)

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