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Saturday, 13 August 2011

stuff i love n other stuff.

been using blender again.  i forgot how much i love it.  ok, so i'm not fluent n free flowing with it, able to get it to do what i want without looking up manuals, tutorials and so on like i could with softimage|XSI (especially since 2.5 changed it so much), but the potential is there.

uzbl is still as much a treat as ever.  ... though there are "addons" that would make it all the sweeter, such as a script manager... for easier portability of whole configurations, not just the config file, which, unless u have no additional scripts, is not entirely convenient on it's own.  "uzballs" are planned, but no work done on them yet i hear.  good to know it's at least been thought of and is in the pipeline.

xmonad.... xmonad xmonad xmonad.  oh how i love xmonad.
scrotwm too...  i'm using it more these days, and even find it the superior to xmonad in a couple of ways... though sorely lacking in a couple others.

oops, almost forgot... tilda.  ^_^  it's so standard to me now i dont even notice it.

i suppose i should also at least mention, gentoo.   i mean gentoo for "real men".  i'm no longer on toorox, (nor sabayon nor papug or whatever).  a proper stage3 gentoo install from the ground up.  :)  and oh boy do i love it.  got a make.conf sorted nice n minimal, and am keeping my system nice n lean.  a speed machine!  :)

here's the biggie... the new guy to the list.  if you know me, or have been through this blog a few times, you'll likely have witnessed my apraisals of the previous apps (and distro), this one, i just discovered a couple days ago (thnx cog).


gmusic browser utterly trounces all other music players for linux (and for any other system for that matter).  ok, sure, it's still kinda young, n has a rare ocassional scabby edge, but you can see it's already kicking bottoms.  the customiseability of the interface layouts, the choice of backends, ratings, web features, scalable (designed with >10,000 tracks in mind), fast, clean, light... they done good, boys.  they done good.  one to watch.


i tried google+ for less than a day.  that was enough to know "NO!".  what epic chain fail.  yes, i had to coin a new phrase to depict it.  chain fail.   ok, so lets say you can overlook the privacy/security/bigbrother concerns about letting google in that far into your social life and to know all that more about you than they already do from your searchings, and that you can even overlook that they report it all to govs (as they've now admitted), the chain fail kicks in hardest if you're not on one of the 4 big name browsers, explorer, firefox, opera and safari (iirc), in which case, they wont even let you in.  ok, so no worries, just change what useragent your browser is broadcasting, right?  nope.  you can get into it then, but stuff wont work right.  i dont like a site that tells me which browser i'm supposed to use.  even if it told me i had to use uzbl, i would still not be pleased.  to highlight the stupidity of this... i can surf facebook, with a text browser, and still have acceptible levels of functionality. .... ok, i can rant on about this for a while.  suffice to say, google plus is actually google minus.

... and i'm not happy with facebook either.  bring on diaspora or anon+.

"anon+.. what is anon+?"
:)  a bright future for the net.  huzzah!   bring it on.

... and if they dont....
........me and some of the boys have been talking about how we could create better (than facebook).

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