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Monday, 5 September 2011

let the noobs de-noob / the sharn o git

the sharn of git:

git's hard to learn, if you dont use it alot to begin with.
(typing half a dozen commands one day, that you had to look up, and never again until ages later, doesnt do much to help learn em)

learning [code] happens much faster, when you collaborate on projects, and everyone fills the knowledge gaps of everyone else.

collaborating is much easier with git, and without git, it's almost impossible to collaborate propperly, since it's the daddy of collaboration aids.

... anyone see a problem with this loop of soft exclussivity?

pre-noobs not allowed in the party that de-noobs them, because they're pre-noobs/noobs.

logic fail in the grand plan.  ... oh that's right, it wasnt planned, it evolved.  ...well, we better fix that then.  :)

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