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Friday, 30 September 2011

so... browsers n stuff...

chrome's not my cuppa (philosophically/ideologically/ethically or pragmatically), idkwtf is up with firefox4+++++, and none of the others are quite doing it for me. ...so uzbl is still my main cuppa. it's not quite so convenient for getting the plugins you want on the go, but makes up for that with configurability, and putting so much more power in your hands, with it's integration with linux, via it's adherence to the unix philosophy.

having said that, i concede, i have been spending a lot of time with seamonkey/iceape recently, after months of almost nothing but uzbl.

mainly, at least to begin with, it was for it's excellent get-the-job-done wysiwyg html editor.

but i snuck in some use of it's browser, and then realised if i was going to do that, i should get iceape kitted out for browsing, with obvious important stuff like betterprivacy, ghostery, noscript, flashblock, etc. and then of course adding stuff i feel like i cant do without (compact menu, littlemonkey, video downloadhelper, etc)...

so yeah, here i come championing and bigging-up (big-up-ing?) uzbl, and i'm not even using it right now. i'm typing this into the blogger web interface, using iceape. :O

but wait, there's a reason for that...

i'm on a fresh install of crunchbang!

... "but crunchbang doesnt come with iceape!" i hear you cry. indeed... so why didnt i install uzbl instead of iceape?

debian repositories. *sigh*. it feels like the dark ages. now before anyone starts a forest fire from the sparks flying from the speed of their kneejerks, please take into account, that i have come from a prolongued intensive use of arch, gentoo and slackware. and not only that, but i've been using rather more leet management of my packages, picking and choosing which packages i use from stable, which are testing, and which are bleeding edge, since gentoo's portage is ace for letting you do that sort of thing. uzbl is one i set for "**9999" (the bleeding edge).

ok, i know, it's "debian squeeze" and squeeze is now their stable, right? ...buuuuut the uzbl they have is from april 2010. for something that's still calling itself alpha, and under reasonably heavy development, that is dinosaur stuff. i doubt any of the plugins will have much of a chance working with that old hat.

so indeed, since, conversely, slightly older iceape/seamonkey is actually better (in terms of plugins working with it, compared to bleeding edge seamonkey where plugins havnt caught up, as arch users will likely be familiar with), i installed iceape first... to nav around the net, sorting things out n whatnot, rather than chrome. ... and was about to install uzbl just then, when an idea struck me... since i do this a fair amount... wanting uzbl with me as i do... and requiring to install it in such case, that i should create a script for it. and so that's what i did.

i made ddumb,
(and have gone for "release-early" for once)
... and that's why i'm writing this from iceape, and not uzbl.
not even tried it yet. just excitedly threw it up on the net. ^_^

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